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A playground is a fundamental part of childhood, and also children can learn critical values such as brotherhood and inclusivity. A playground also provides a learning space where children learn to fall and rise. As long as their safety is ensured, a playground counts as standard and essential for their growing years. Reach out to USA Safety Surfacing Experts,and they will advise you on several factors which will help you choose a safe playground. Meanwhile, it would be best to consider some of the factors before installing a Playground Safety Surfacing.

USA Safety Surfacing Experts-Playground Safety Surfacing

 When children are playing with their friends and buddies, falls are unavoidable. On the other hand, serious falls can reduce their spirit and can discourage them from playing peacefully. Installing a safe surface playground will make them enjoy their play. Also, they will be facilitated with a safe landing surface, minimizing the chances of getting fatal injuries.

Surface traction is an essential factor to put into consideration. A good safety surface should offer incredible traction in wet and dry conditions, especially for outdoor playgrounds in rainy seasons. It is recommended to opt for poured-in-place rubber as it offers good traction in wet and dry conditions. The traction is vital because it reduces the risk of falls and cushions the kids while playing.

Playground surfaces usually experience intensive foot traffic, spills, and activities. Mobility aids like strollers and wheelchairs also access the surface. If the surface isn't that strong and durable, it can degrade quickly and faster and compromise its safety. The surface should be durable in that it can last for a long time without showing any signs of wearing and tearing.

Another critical factor that is important and you should consider is the ease of access to the playground. It is also a requirement by law that a public playground should have inclusivity. This means that you should select a material that allows complimentary movement for all, including children with disabilities. An ideal and suitable safety surface will offer minimal or no resistance for movements of kids using mobility aids such as wheelchairs.

Playground surfacing is a venture on the safety of children. Consequently, it is sensible to select the material that minimizes the risk of injuries. The company, including USA Safety Surfacing Experts, should offer you a safety warranty when installing a safe playground. The warranty should be a long-term one and must comply with compulsory safety standards.

When opting for an ideal safety surface for an outdoor playground, you must consider environmental factors. To save on costs, you should select a material that is weather resistant. During the rainy season, it is not affected by weather, and during summer, it has UV protection. The playground will last for a long as it will endure all the harsh weather conditions.

Cleaning and maintaining a children's playground is a tough exercise. Children are exposed to dirt which might cause infections and allergies to children. Therefore, it is a big deal to choose a safe surface that is easy to maintain and clean. The surface will be sanitized throughout and easily, making the children as tidy as ever. The rubber surface is highly recommended as it is easy to clean just with water.

Playgrounds are the best place where kids and even adults can spend their leisure time. However, without proper safety, the playground surface can prove to be quite risky. It’s because if kids fall on the hard surface or ground while playing, the ground transfers the impact to the body, causing more damage. This is why playground safety surfacing is important. It’s an effective process that can help your kids stay safe while playing. A protective material is laid on the hard ground in the playground surfacing, which acts as the barrier between the hard ground and the body falling over it.

This barrier is usually a shock-absorbing material that is soft to walk on. It absorbs the most impact of the fall and reduces the fall impact to a minimum. USA Safety Surfacing Experts is one of the top safety surfacing companies that can help you with playground safety surfacing. Contact us now to book an appointment.

How can safety surfacing material offer protection?

When the material is laid on the surface, it acts as a cushion to anyone who falls over the ground. This way, the impact is reduced, and so is the extent of the injury.

Safety surfacing materials

You should always opt for the right safety surfacing material. The right safety surfacing materials can significantly improve the protection offered. Here are some safety surfacing materials that are effective for playground safety:

USA Safety Surfacing Experts-Bonded Rubber Mulch

Bonded Rubber Mulch

Bonded rubber mulch is made from shredded rubber and looks quite like wood or asphalt mulch. However, as wood and asphalt mulch displace from its original position, it needs replenishment. It’s the reason bonded rubber mulch is preferred in high-traffic regions such as playgrounds.

Bonded rubber mulch is bound by a strong binding agent which keeps it from displacing. It acts as a good shock absorber and offers decent protection to kids and probably anyone walking over the ground. It is available in different colors, which further makes it attractive to look at.

USA Safety Surfacing Experts-Poured-In-Place Rubber

Poured-In-Place Rubber

PIP rubber is another reliable safety surfacing material suited for playgrounds. Its made from recycled and synthetic rubber and is completely environmentally friendly. As the name tells, it is simply poured over the playground and hand-trawled for a smooth finish.

PIP rubber is soft to walk on, looks beautiful, and offers amazing shock absorption. It means it’s completely safe for kids who tend to fall every few minutes. With PIP rubber, you can create bright patterns, which kids often love at playgrounds.

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When it comes to playground safety, one thing that matters more than the material is the installation. If you get the material installed from an inexperienced constrictor, it’s highly likely that it won’t offer any protection. It’s the reason private, and public playground managers contact us.

Our safety surfacing experts have installed thousands of square feet of safety surfacing materials over playgrounds. We know how the process is effectively completed. Also, we’re affordable and deliver the best results within the given time.

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