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We have constructed over a million square feet of open spaces and safety surfaces. We have you covered for anything from simple installation to more complex designs. Contact one of our accredited playground surfacing specialists today to address your playground safety surfacing, sports surfacing, and recreational surfacing requirements.

USA Safety Surfacing Experts-Wisconsin State

Safety Surfacing Services Milwaukee (WI)

Best USA Safety Surfacing Experts in Wisconsin (WI) is the nation’s leading provider and installer of environmentally-friendly playground surfacing, sports surfaces, and recreational surfaces. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality playground safety surface products, services, and installations at the lowest possible cost, all while emphasizing the importance of playground safety around the country. Among us, we have a lot of playground safety surfacing experience. We can easily customize your safety surface to meet any protection, design, or aesthetic requirements by using a variety of common options such as poured-in-place, synthetic turf, or even bonded rubber. Many of the relevant playground surfacing requirements are met by our safety surfacing. Our company was established to provide high-quality surfacing for both indoor and outdoor playgrounds. We are deeply committed to our clients, and we hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to you.

Poured-In-Place Rubber Madison (WI)

Commercial playground flooring is available in a wide range of shapes and colors. When it comes to recreational surfaces, however, only protection comes before longevity. Our poured-in-place rubber playground surfacing is the most permanent and long-lasting surface option, as well as the most robust and low-maintenance option. It is often referred to as “playground foundation,” “rubberized playground surfacing,” “wet pour rubber flooring,” and “playground safety flooring.” Both of these pieces are suitable for use on both new and existing playgrounds. Poured playground surfaces, unlike rubber playground safety tiles, are seamless. Our rubber playground surface material can be customized in terms of distance, color, shape, and style. The pour-in-place (PIP) system enables customers to create a comfortable recreational flooring surface with virtually unlimited design choices. Since the materials are blended and applied on-site, school colors, badges, sports, and/or abstract designs may be permanently embedded in the surface, resulting in a visually appealing and even usable rubber surface design.

Bonded Rubber Green Bay (WI)

Our company employs high-quality, 100 percent recycled shredded rubber and provides a range of paint choices that resemble shredded natural fiber. We use a one-layer system that allows for easier designed graphics and color variations while meeting industry safety requirements, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind surface. Our bonded rubber surfacing is completely secure for children of all ages to run and play on. They can also be tailored to your color and depth preferences. The industrial playground equipment must be designed under the recycled bonded rubber flooring’s Critical Fall Height specifications.

Rubber Tiles Kenosha (WI)

Prefabricated rubber tiles are an alternative to poured rubber flooring for playgrounds, pool decks, and other safety surfaces. We use prefabricated rubber mat tiles that are highly durable. Rubber protective tiles are available in a wide range of colors and designs, enabling you to be innovative with your design and making them ideal for playgrounds and safety surfaces. Most gyms and apartments have floors that are not particularly conducive to physical activity. Concrete can be used as an established surface in gyms and on certain people’s patios. But even though concrete is strong enough to support the weight of heavy lifting equipment, it is not completely resistant to injury. When heavy barbells and dumbbells are dropped on them, they will break or chip.

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Synthetic Grass Racine (WI)

With just one phone call, you will have everything you need for healthy, environmentally friendly, low-maintenance landscaping around your entire house. Synthetic grass is an excellent addition to any backyard or playground landscape, and it can be improved by adding a shock pad (to avoid serious injury from falls) and a non-toxic, high-quality turf infill that is free of allergens, pollen, and heavy metals. Your top priority as a parent is to keep your children safe and happy. Our synthetic grass helps you to do both by offering a clean, low-maintenance, long-lasting surface that can withstand anything your kids throw at it. Our superior underlayment system guarantees a consistently soft landing, and our specially engineered synthetic grass is much cleaner than asphalt, clay, or even natural grass.

Synthetic Turf Appleton (WI)

Our commercial playground setup is constantly being developed, and it includes fall zones, industry-leading industry scores, and other biodegradable, recyclable, and lead-free materials. Our antimicrobial product, like most antimicrobial products, will not store bacteria, mold, or mildew that cause stains or odors. We now have an infill material that blends the shock-absorbing properties of crumb rubber with the ballast properties of raw sand, while also lowering surface temperatures and eliminating health and environmental issues. Because of our in-house inspector, you can be certain that your synthetic turf will be clean and ready to use. Best USA Safety Surfacing Experts in Wisconsin (WI) uses a one-of-a-kind combination of multi-colored blades that get mixed to look and sound like natural grass. Our business provides an unrivaled warranty that respects the high-quality playability and dependability that has propelled us to the forefront of the synthetic turf industry. Our skilled and well-trained experts will build and maintain the artificial lawn of your dreams. Please contact us as soon as possible and let us know about your proposal.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Waukesha (WI)

Our bonded rubber mulch has the appearance of loose bark and the practicality of in-situ resin-bound surfacing, giving it a more natural rustic finish. Rubber-mulch pathways come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit each scenario. In addition to trails, this form of surfacing can be used in woodlands, playgrounds, and their surrounding areas. Many of our customers choose to buy our bonded rubber mulch because of its long-term usefulness, low cost, and easy installation.

EPDM Rubber Eau Claire (WI)

Because of its excellent moisture resistance, EPDM is a common material used in industrial marine settings. EPDM is a dense material composed of closely-knit pockets of air with a low absorption rate of less than 5%. EPDM is commonly used as water-resistant electrical insulation due to its thick and tight-knit arrangement with air pockets and low absorption rate. Rubberized EPDM can be installed at various depths to accommodate the Critical Fall Heights. If there is already playground equipment on the playing field, we prefer rubberized EPDM because we can adjust the depth to match the necessary CFH while keeping the children safe. Parents and managers need not be concerned since this rubber would not irritate people with skin sensitivities or allergies. At our business, we only use high-quality EPDM rubber in our products (which helps the surface resist cracks due to severe temperatures and weather).

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