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Without the expertise of our employees, none of our accomplishments will be possible. And so for many households and businesses around Pennsylvania. Best USA Safety Surfacing Experts in Pennsylvania (PA) offers a wide range of safety surfacing choices, contact us today, and our friendly and knowledgeable team will assist you in selecting the best options for your needs! Our product specialists recognize that perusing our product line can be daunting, but we are here to help. We have made it our business to educate and inform consumers about our rubber products because we believe in delivering excellent customer service. When ordering a surface for a play area, size, shape, function, and architectural features are some of the most important factors to consider. We match our experienced staff’s years of experience and training in the most up-to-date methods with the best goods available. Our team has decades of collective experience in the rubber installation industry.

USA Safety Surfacing Experts-Pennsylvania State

Safety Surfacing Services Philadelphia (PA)

We use a variety of materials in our projects, including mulch and turf, and each part serves a particular purpose. They are eye-catching as well as long-lasting. The surfaces are hygienic, durable, and long-lasting. Our mulch comes in a variety of colors, giving each play area a natural and organic look. It is possible to color-match the product to existing or planned equipment. Our turf is appropriate for high-traffic areas like playgrounds. All of our playground surfacings is designed to be durable, low-maintenance, and affordable. Our expert installers have worked on projects all over the state, including rooftops! We only use high-quality EPDM granules, and our patented binders are UV-resistant and weather-resistant, making them suitable for Pennsylvania’s (PA) changing seasons and weather.

Poured-In-Place Rubber Pittsburgh (PA)

The most robust and effective playground safety surfacing product available is our poured-in-place playground safety surface. The high-quality raw materials used to make our two-layer poured-in-place playground protective surface. Our non-toxic, environmentally friendly poured-in-place playground safety surface can be easily modified to meet the architecture, safety, and aesthetic specifications of any playground safety surface project. Rubber flooring is a long-lasting flooring solution that protects kids from physical hazards. We specialize in rubber surfaces and hope to work with you, as we offer high-quality rubber flooring options that are currently available. Our surfacing is adaptable enough to be used in many settings, including playgrounds, entranceways, fitness fields, walking trails, and more, while also providing a non-slip, soft, and appealing surface. While this surface was created with playgrounds in mind, its advantages have been recognized, and it is now widely used in other areas.

Bonded Rubber Allentown (PA)

Playground protection tiles favor these surfaces because they have a more even surface and a variety of other advantages that vary depending on how the facility is used. Additionally, the outdoor recreational surfaces come in a range of colors, allowing you to perfectly fit your bonded rubber to your playground. This flooring is ideal for those looking for low-cost rubber playground safety surfaces that emphasize children’s safety while being durable enough to last for years, thanks to its porous qualities and non-slip properties. If you are interested in this slip-resistant safety surface built at your local school, nursery, or kindergarten, please contact us straight away. Our staff will be pleased to provide you with expert advice on pricing and past case studies, as well as find you something that suits your budget.

Rubber Tiles Erie (PA)

Some people call these “pour-in-place rubber mats.” In any case, the 100 percent post-consumer recycled material is designed to meet ADA standards and is intended for playgrounds and other places where fall height protection is a concern. Find out more about our ADA-compliant safety surface flooring. Rubber tile flooring is a long-lasting, easy-to-clean, and solid flooring choice for gyms. Long-lasting floors can be used in indoor climbing gyms and wellness gyms. Rubber is a durable flooring choice that can withstand the weight of dumbbells and lifting devices, as well as the effect of high-intensity workouts and weight loss. Rubber flooring tiles offer to pad to cover the current surfaces of your commercial gym or home workout area.

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Synthetic Grass Reading City (PA)

We have everything you need for stunning, low-maintenance landscaping, pet, or sports projects, from concept to installation. Many of our artificial grass products are guaranteed to last for decades, ensuring that they are designed to last. We use a unique installation method that involves layering and mixing in-fill for proper drainage, ensuring a long life in the harsh climate of your state. Our company uses a remarkable new synthetic fiber that is made using a cutting-edge polymer process and lifts the artificial grass bar to new heights. Our expert team oversees everything from surface design to top-to-bottom quality construction, ensuring that people’s yards, parks, putting greens, sporting fields, and rooftop terraces are stunning year after year. A lush green lawn for a home, a rooftop garden for a 50th-floor penthouse, a protected area for children and pets to play, or even acres of industrial scenery can be created by our company.

Synthetic Turf Upper Darby (PA)

Our company installs synthetic turf playground surfaces in a variety of industrial and suburban playfields with three main objectives in mind: child protection, surfacing material environmental risks, and cost control. The CPSC-compliant, completely enclosed leisure surface is ADA/ABA compliant and meets all CPSC specifications. The surface is ASTM certified and complies with federal safety regulations. In addition to its safe play characteristics, the aesthetic qualities of our playground and playfield turf are second to none. The soil is green, welcoming, and lush, unlike mulch or shredded rubber. Children enjoy a grassy, long-lasting, and safe play area. Pesticide and fertilizer users, as well as facility owners and guardians, will no longer be concerned about being exposed to or coming into contact with harsh chemicals. We designed our synthetic turf with a high-flow drainage system to make it more comfortable for dogs.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Scranton (PA)

Rubber Mulch is a great playground safety flooring choice that is both durable and dependable. Since it looks fantastic when mixed with grass and trees, it is often used in grassy areas to give them a more country look. This flooring can be installed on most styles of flooring, including a current grass floor, with a little planning. We also provide bonded rubber mulch protection surfacing repairs to keep your field in tip-top shape. USA Safety Surfacing Experts bonded device is a resin-bound protective surface that has come a long way from the days of loose playground bark or bark chippings. Traditional play bark chips need some upkeep to keep them level, and they must be replaced as they compress and decay. Our bound mulch system is an ideal choice for play area safety surfacing because it is made of high-quality material and is bound together. In high-wear areas like under slides, slide ends, roundabouts, and multi-unit playground equipment, it removes the need to top it up and keep it level.

EPDM Rubber Bensalem (PA)

EPDM is the only moisture-resistant rubber on the market, and it is often used for weatherstripping and light padding. EPDM weatherstrips are impermeable and highly weather-resistant fabrics that are commonly used on home and vehicle windows and doors. EPDM can have long-term applications due to its resistance to harsh environmental conditions and causes. EPDM wet pour rubber is a form of spongy flooring that is used for play surfaces in many schools and nurseries. The surfacing is suitable for young children who can fall while using the play facility because of the impact-absorbing properties of the wet pour flooring. Rubberized EPDM flooring comes in a variety of colors to fit a variety of design tastes. To build a lower-cost facility of comparable efficiency, we can combine black wet pour with colored graphics. There is no steel, wood, harsh chemicals, or other irritants in this material.

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