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Because of decades of successful projects and satisfied customers, our company has become the brand that people trust when it comes to playground equipment and construction. Our primary goal as an organization is to create a fun environment that fosters children’s sense of wonder through innovative designs while also fulfilling their need for inclusive play, regardless of ability. We incorporate the appropriate design principles into our projects to fulfill all your needs and to develop an environment that encourages all children to play together harmoniously. The Best USA Safety Surfacing Experts in Hawaii (HI) is the company you can rely on to transform your vision for a play area into a reality. From our management team to our construction crew, everyone is dedicated to collaborating with our clients to create a project that will help the children and families.

USA Safety Surfacing Experts-Hawaii State

Safety Surfacing Services Urban Honolulu (HI)

Our playground equipment is unrivaled in the industry in terms of the total value, innovation, and quality. When it comes to safety surfacing, there are many options. Among the choices are colorful PIP rubberized surfacing, interlocking playground bricks, playground sand, engineered wood fiber, rubber nuggets, and shredded rubber.

Poured-In-Place Rubber East Honolulu (HI)

Poured rubber is a smooth playground flooring consisting of tiny rubber granules that have been stuck together. It is not a flimsy material (like rubber mulch, wood chips, sand, or dirt). The more rubber surfacing you use, the more costly it will be, but it will result in a more solid, safer playground. Our poured-in-place rubber playground surfacing is designed to last and to be low-maintenance. Our experienced installers at Best USA Safety Surfacing Experts in Hawaii (HI) have completed poured-in-place rubber installations across Hawaii (HI), even on rooftops! We use only the highest-quality EPDM granules, and our patented binders are designed to withstand UV damage and the elements, making them suitable for Hawaii weather and seasonal changes. The material is mixed on-site and can be used to add an entrance to existing playgrounds, retrofit existing play areas, or fill new playgrounds with high-quality rubber surfacing that remains in place while in use.

Bonded Rubber Pearl City (HI)

A safety surface system is included in every design, even those who prefer the clean and formal look of tile. In a park, for example, the use of blue and green rubber tiles produces an orderly yet visually exciting look that draws the eye to the main attraction: the playground equipment. When it comes to building a playground, our solutions inspire designers and architects to stretch their imaginations. Because of the variety of available surface structures, they can consider factors such as meaning, topography, community needs, and aesthetic appeal. Each product is also resistant to the rigors of heavy outdoor use, including UV ray damage.

Rubber Tiles Hilo (HI)

For playgrounds, pool decks, and other safety surfaces, prefabricated rubber playground tiles are an alternative to poured rubber flooring. Straight-edged rubber tiles are easy to install and have a continuous rubber board. They are excellent indoor flooring options that can be designed in a variety of colors and geometric patterns to add visual appeal. Tiles are long-lasting and easy to fix if one breaks. Some of the finishing options include ramps, bevels, and corners. Our rubber floor tiles are easy to clean and are suitable for high-traffic areas. They are made of interlocking rubber and come in a selection of solid colors. Tile flooring is useful in a variety of settings, including playgrounds, gyms, and indoor applications. Our recycled rubber playground tiles are made in the United States and have fall heights of 4, 6, and 8 feet, keeping children healthy. Rubber playground tiles help to keep 2.5 tires out of landfills.

USA Safety Surfacing Experts-Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass Waipahu (HI)

Synthetic grass can be used as a play surface for children in many settings. Synthetic grass is hypoallergenic and easy to clean, making it ideal for play areas for children because it is less messy than natural grass and more resistant to drops and minor accidents than carpet. It is also perfect for allergy sufferers because there is no need to worry about weed spores or dust mites. A good durable sub-base is needed for soil preparation – your artificial grass should always be built on an aggregate and smooth sand base. Clear 60-80mm of dirt before installing the sub-base and new artificial turf. This will ensure an error-free installation.

Synthetic Turf Kailua CDP (HI)

Synthetic fields have many advantages over natural turf fields, which require extensive maintenance, water, and chemical fertilizers. Synthetic fields have a more consistent playing surface and allow for games to be played around the clock. The fields last for several years if properly maintained, and the added benefits include saving water, money on maintenance, and chemicals. The most popular form of synthetic turf facility is football fields, but we also have synthetic baseball fields and multi-use fields. Many synthetic fields have been built, and many more are being constructed or planned. Synthetic turf may be installed over asphalt, dirt, or a well-compacted aggregate base. A cushioned layer can be constructed with or without artificial turf. To receive a fall height score, it must have a cushion layer with a proper depth of approximately 2” to 4”. The depth of the cushion layer is determined by the optimum fall height ranking.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Kaneohe (HI)

Bonded rubber mulch is a one-layer product that is completely made of recycled rubber! Bonded rubber mulch adds an aesthetically pleasing and natural feel to your playground while needing less maintenance than a poured-in-place surface. Bonded rubber mulch is non-toxic and safe to use around children and livestock. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) playground safety surfacing guideline, rubber mulch is a suitable loose-fill surfacing material for use on commercial playgrounds. Wood chips, Pour n Play, sand, pea gravel, and other playground surfacing materials are secure, durable, clean, and less costly than bonded rubber mulch. Bonded rubber mulch is recommended by the EPA because it is ADA compliant, IPEMA certified, and safe for children and the environment.

EPDM Rubber Kahului

Are you looking for a surfacing alternative for your neighborhood playground that is clean, beautiful, low-maintenance, and inexpensive? Poured-in-place playground surfacing is an excellent way to improve the safety of your play area. This material is made up of tiny rubber particles. This is applied in two layers for maximum defense. The pour-in-place rubber surface has a color layer made of EPDM particles on top and a shock-absorbing bottom layer made of bulkier rubber scraps. This method of surfacing is more appealing to people who want to save money on repairs and other extra costs. Unlike sand, mulch, and loose-fill rubber, this playground surfacing would not need to be raked or replaced. This long-term solution includes ADA accessibility, safety, and a range of exclusive color and design options.

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