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You can always have safety surfacing installation in your playgrounds and schools. This will ensure that you keep your children safe and have a more affordable surface. However, you will need two things: quality materials and top-notch experts for the installation. If not, you can have a poor result in your space. This is why we highly recommend contacting us at USA Safety Surfacing Experts.

You need the best solutions in Port Charlotte to comply with every detail. Thus, remember that safety surfacing services are to be precise and professionally provided. That is why you should contact us. We offer world-class safety surfacing services in and throughout the city. Our professionals are waiting for you to get in touch.

What is Safety Surfacing?

Put simply. It means securing the hard-concrete ground for safety purposes. It is mainly done in areas more prone to injuries and accidents, like playgrounds and schools. But you can also use the installation wherever it is needed, either indoors or outdoors. It can be in parks for children, in gyms to protect the ground from heavyweights, in offices, and more.

Some users and people use it as decorative and protective flooring in their houses, offices, playgrounds, and other spaces. This is due to the safety surface price and how it offers more durability and longevity.

That is if the installation is done well. If you have your doubts, you will want to know more about the benefits:

Advantages of Getting Safety Surfacing


The one above everything else: it is eco-friendly and provides a healthy environment around you. Safety surfacing does not need any kind of machinery and environment-harming tools to maintain. The materials used for it are also recycled.  

It will bring you all the aesthetics you need. It also protects the floor of your building or house. It’s a good and affordable choice that does the job and protects the environment too.

Easily Maintenance

It is very easy to maintain any of the surfaces, thanks to the type of materials used. There is no need for mowing or any other clay-related activity. You only need some repairs every few years.   

You can replace the parts easily and save time and money in the short and long term. It is all about the maintenance that is done well whenever it is hardly needed.

Because of its sustainable and extensive nature, it is most highly recommended. It does not need to be changed daily; a good wash every few days would keep it looking good for several years.

What You Get From Our Team

We provide different surfacing services in the city. You can have them based on the type of surface you would like to install:

Poured-In-Place Rubber: it is a favorite for its two-layers system. The processed rubber is poured into the differentiated parts of the area. It is not continuous or single-layered. This flooring technique is mostly used in areas where discontinued and equal layers are needed. Including some playgrounds, it works amazing for outdoor areas.

The rubber used in this service is mainly pure and fresh. We make sure to use top-quality rubber and have the best results.

Bonded Rubber Mulch: it is based on the wood mulch appearance. However, you imitate it without all the problems it entails in most cases. This is why we love installing it in the city. The rubber used in this type is completely safe and recyclable. This costs less than the other rubber services but is less sustainable in outdoor spaces.

Rubber Tiles– these tiles are a favorite due to their appearance. However, they need to be mostly used indoors. Our team can make them useful outdoors with the right materials and tools. Let us know and we shall comply with your request.

Synthetic Grass– This surfacing is used as a substitute for real grass. It is even better as it reduces the need for maintenance and it lasts for decades.

Synthetic turf– It is more of real grass-type turf. You get to use it in spaces with high-impact activities or high traffic. We want you and everyone else to be comfortable and avoid maintenance. People also use it for home gardens and playgrounds to get a feel of real grass. Synthetic turf is the second most used surfacing in the world.

Contact USA Safety Surfacing Experts for More

We’ll help you understand the requirements and choose the best surfacing type for you. This comes with many considerations, like your budget, time, maintenance provided, and more. We will list them and work with you in the process.

Our professionals and the entire team of workers will complete the work completely on-site and provide you with the preciseness. You won’t have to worry about a single detail when having us in the space.

USA Safety Surfacing Experts only use the best materials in the market. This is complemented with our team’s skills and the top-quality services they are able to provide. Our team has installed thousands of square feet of surfacing from the beginning. We are what you need for installations, maintenance, and more. Make sure to contact us and have us working for you in no time.

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