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You want your surfaces to be a priority. This is why you need to invest time in finding reliable people for the service. We’re not talking about your regular surfaces whatsoever. We’re referring to the safety surfacing options that keep everyone safe and comfortable. This is without sacrificing quality and aesthetics.

Compared to regular surfaces, if the ground has safety surfacing installed, it can minimize the damage inflicted. This is because safety surfacing material is made from rubber or related material that helps absorb a fall’s impact. And this is how the damage to the kids is reduced. This also applies to other spaces for any use of any age.

Our USA Safety Surfacing Experts team provides safety surfacing services for everyone in Apopka. We also serve other cities in Florida. We’re quite proud of this as we guarantee the best experience.

We have every single material and design you need. EPDM rubber, bonded rubber mulch, synthetic turf, rubber tiles, and more. All these materials have their unique significance. So, you can choose as per the requirements. We will help you with the selection if needed.

To ensure you understand this scope, the playground safety surfacing applies efficient flooring materials that ensure safety with proper support. There is plenty of playground safety surfacing options to choose from. The surfaces can also be installed in more spaces.

Our experts have more than a decade of experience. They can help you ensure that all the critical conditions regarding the fall height and other safety surfacing requirements are met. We can aid you with ADA compliance and help achieve the needed ADA access to the playground. This also applies to more surfaces like parks or even sports fields.

ADA Accessibility and Legal Requirements

Put simply, ADA standards for playgrounds require them to include a material that ensures the safety and is readily available and accessible. It should allow everyone to use the place without problems. There must be an accessible path to the playground, such as barrier-free travel routes and ramps. This is why it needs to be of specific materials.

Additionally, the routes and ramps must have a protective surfacing structure. This is easy for children with disabilities. The playground must meet the ADA-compliant ratio of accessible ground level and elevated play events.

Following this, you need t consider other factors. For instance, according to the CPSC, nearly 70 % of playground injuries are caused due to falls. A fall on a hard surface such as packed earth can cause serious injuries. So, it is highly important that safety surfacing should be considered around or underneath the spaces.

You want to avoid as many accidents as possible. Head injuries, the most serious types of injuries occurring in the playground, can be easily reduced with proper safety surfacing.

In our company, we’ll present you with data related to fall attenuation and help you choose and decide the safety surfacing you wish to install.

Use zones

What is it? A use zone is important under and around equipment wherein a child might fall or is expected to land. It is an essential compliance requirement that must be met when surfacing a playground. The use zone area should be free from obstacles or other equipment. You just focus on having a specific space with some qualifications in the surface and its thickness.

Drainage and topography

Good drainage is crucial and often underestimated or missed. These are some of the reasons to focus on it:

  • Standing water can hamper impact attenuation because the loose-fill material may lose its fall rating when underwater for a constant period. Loose-fill surfacing material can migrate to the lower end of the play area if there is too much slope. You want to avoid this or have a surface that can offer drainage.
  • A drainage system will be required if the soil does not allow water to pass through it easily.
  • Waterlogged areas can turn loose-fill surfacing into a block of ice. You need the right option, but this shouldn’t be a problem in the city.

Our Services in Apopka

  • Bonded Rubber: one of the favorite surfaces in the market. It gives a seamless surface, making it the most desirable choice in America. It’s available in different colors and is pleasing to look at. It is also a unitary surface, making it affordable.
  • Bonded Rubber Mulch: you can have stunning safety surfacing material used in primary schools and academics. If you want a natural appearance place without much maintenance, this is a perfect choice for you for any space.
  • Synthetic Turf: Synthetic turf surfacing is amazing for sports fields or high-traffic areas.
  • EPDM Rubber: It is common but needs to be installed properly. It is a type of UV resistant rubber with amazing support properties.
  • Synthetic Grass: you get the beauty of natural grass but with less maintenance included and more support.
  • Rubber Tiles: These are exceptionally durable. They are vandal-resistant, class-A fire-rated, and provide excellent fire protection ratings that exceed national safety standards by up to 60%. However, they tend to perform better indoors.
  • Poured in Place Rubber: you get a two-layered system with it. One protects the people; the other protects the main layer for safety.

Why Choose Our Team at USA Safety Surfacing Experts

We are always aiming for the best. This is why we provide genuine and extremely beneficial services. The prices at our company are kept minimal and the quality is always top-notch.

You can contact us anytime. We will be there for any installation and maintenance.

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