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USA Safety Surfacing Experts-Melbourne Florida

USA Safety Surfacing Experts is a top company in Florida that cares about safety. This is why we offer the best in safety surfacing services. Our team is able to install the best materials in playgrounds or sports fields. Schools, gyms, offices, and more are also included. We just want to make sure people can enjoy the spaces without worries.

It takes time to choose the right option in the market. Since not all types of surfaces can offer the same benefits and characteristics, evaluate the options. Then make a decision based on what you truly need. Most residential and commercial owners in the area choose synthetic turf and grass for aesthetics or landscaping purposes. Others don’t really pay attention to the right materials.

Everything varies and depends. Our team wants to make sure you don’t regret your decisions. The choice will also depend on the area where the surface is required or if the main purpose of its installation changes.

Playgrounds are the main spaces where you install safety surfaces. But you can make use of them in many more areas.

People care about aesthetics. However, safety is even more crucial due to the common falls and accidents that take place in playgrounds and schools, for instance.

At USA Safety Surfacing Experts, we strive to make it possible by using the safety surfaces available for installation. What is possible? Keeping everyone safe and reducing shock impact. We use the top materials and qualified experts to achieve this.

We will work with the full installation or simple maintenance. You ought to know that we give our all for any project. Also, every one of our alternatives can be installed in outdoor and indoor spaces. We will help you choose the most suitable one for your space.

Several factors influence this:

  • Weather.
  • Budget.
  • Current surface.
  • Your preferences.
  • Level of shock absorption needed.

Our professionals in safety surfacing will assess your space and consider both your requirements and what is possible according to the location. We will then bring the right materials and work on the installation.

For our services you can learn more about the right below:

Safety Surfacing

We can help you with any installation and maintenance. Our services are available both indoors and outdoors. Our team and members make sure to meet their roles in providing a durable, long-lasting, good-looking, and safest surface based on your needs and place.

EPDM Rubber

This is a top option in our company. It is known for being the most long-lasting and flexible type of surface. We highly recommend it for places where rains, hot temperatures, and even cold ones are frequent. Or just if the temperature change is frequent. It won’t be a problem since the surface is able to stand all the difficulties and provide impact absorption for all types of falls and accidents.

Bonded Rubber Mulch

You get to imitate wood mulch appearance for usually outdoor spaces. However, this will end up being ten times better. The mulch provides aesthetics but also great impact absorption. You also get it in different colors and designs.

Synthetic Grass

Landscaping relies on synthetic grass more than real one. This is to reduce all the maintenance and money required. It will also bring great comfort and support.

Synthetic Turf

It is used for high-impact places where activities and playing are common. Synthetic turf in our company is of the best materials. We will make sure everything is in place and properly installed.

Rubber Tiles

This surface can be used both outdoors and indoors. Our team mainly recommends the latter option. It’s more suitable for indoor spaces since it performs better when it is not exposed to climate change. The geometric pattern provides great designs, and the impact absorption is perfect for heavy traffic and all types of activities. You can have a custom design without sacrificing safety.

Poured-In-Place Rubber

It is a popular surface with two layers. The base one provides the support and impacts absorption features. The wear layer protects the base one from external elements and all possible damage. It is perfect for durability and safety in all playgrounds.

Bonded Rubber

It is quite different from the previous option. It’s a unitary surface with larger pieces of rubber that simulate more mulch than granules or other rubber options. It is easy to maintain. It does not require repairs in the short term and during the long one. You get more for spending less.

We Help You Choose the Right Surface

All previous factors have influence. However, others need to be considered just as much. This is why we are going over all the details with you.

USA Safety Surfacing Experts provide you with advice based on the climate of your location and space. This is so the surface can stand the temperatures, guarantee impact absorption, and the best performance.

We will consider all variables and conditions. This allows us to bring only the best materials and results for you. It doesn’t matter where you are in Melbourne or all over Florida. We will be there.

Your budget and the maintenance you are able to provide to the surface will be asked for. We will focus on this and ensure you get the most out of them.

Every safety surfacing option in our company has its price per sq. ft., including the installation. The materials are of the best quality and you won’t have to worry about installations.

You can call or email our team for more information or to request a quote. We would love to know more about you and your needs.

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