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Synthetic Turfs save you time and trouble with lawn maintenance. When it comes to conventional turfs, maintaining a lush lawn in your state or any of the surrounding suburbs can become a hassle. Natural grass needs regular irrigation, trimming, weed control, and all of the other inconveniences that come with lawn care.

USA Safety Surfacing Experts-Synthetic Turf

The Advantages of Synthetic Turfs

Make a statement by selecting from several color combinations, pile heights, and design patterns. Artificial grass is an excellent landscaping option for areas that are difficult to manage due to shade, high foot traffic, or pet areas. The assurance that your grass is non-toxic and lead-free, providing you with peace of mind. You will have fewer pests to contend with. Never again would you be concerned with wet paws and shoes after a storm or snowfall. Throw away expensive and potentially toxic grass care additives, fertilizers, or insecticides. Enjoy watching your children play outside again while still enjoying the feel of the grass-like product!

How To Install Synthetic Turf

Our company is one of the most experienced in the industry when it comes to installing artificial grass for homes and industrial properties. We only use the finest quality materials and provide you with exclusive access to the industry’s best warranties, selling our turf to homeowners and contractors in the region. Our firm employs certified installers and offers first-rate construction services.

Synthetic Turfs need a significant amount of labor to build since they must be secured against a solid foundation of compacted stone. Save time and resources by letting USA Safety Surfacing Experts skilled artificial turf installers do this for you. Request your free consultation with us today if you want to make the transition to a simpler lawn lifestyle.

Indoor Putting Green

Have you ever considered opening your own “indoor golf studio”? Do not delay any longer; contact us today for a free consultation for your indoor putting greens. We have a wide range of options and prices. You dream it, we construct it.

Turf for Batting Cages

Over the years, batting cage turfs have been around for a while. When it comes to sports turf for your indoor baseball fields, you now have options. We also have a large variety of carpet-style grass, some with padding and some without. The baseball turf can be put to use at any time of the day.

Soccer Fields

Soccer turfs have become increasingly common. Indoor soccer turfs have been available for several years, but consistency and longevity were lacking. We market and build all varieties of soccer turfs, including the smaller “carpet style” turf with a no-maintenance pad.

Artificial Turf for Crossfit Training

Fitness Turf Cross-Training is not a novel concept in the fitness world. The “boot camp” workout is relatively recent. These varieties of exercises are becoming more common and can be seen in a variety of fitness centers. Synthetic Turf is being used as floor surfaces in fitness centers, gyms, and health clubs.

Indoor Baseball

Synthetic Turf for baseball is now a major industry in the US. More baseball preparation centers are opening to meet the demands of the numerous baseball players who want to focus on the game while in the off-season. Our baseball turf is ideal for use in batting cages.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are several varieties of synthetic turf materials and structures.

An artificial turf field normally has a higher initial cost, but it mostly pays for itself in three to four years, which proves to be an extremely economical investment. artificial turf fields are usually used for around three thousand hours of play a year, without maintenance needed "The equivalent of 3 or 4 well-kept regular turf fields is required for rest. Furthermore, since no mowing, irrigation, or chemicals are needed, synthetic turf maintenance costs are 2-3 times lower than natural turf. A synthetic turf field is also a dependable source of leasing income for schools and municipalities due to its steady availability.

A landscape planning specialist estimates that the expense of building and repairing a synthetic turf sports field over 20 years (including one replacement field) is more than three times less costly than the cost of a grass field over the same period. This is because a synthetic turf sports field can accommodate a greater number of events. "In terms of money, artificial turf is more cost-effective over time.” Other authorities and field owners have validated this cost per case benefit.

Synthetic turf sports fields are normally warranted for eight years, although their life expectancy is heavily influenced by the volume and form of use as well as the care provided. When it comes to landscape uses, synthetic turf will outlast natural grass.

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Installing Artificial Grass in Residential and Commercial Properties

Our premium commodity needs very little maintenance and has a lifespan of fifteen to twenty years. It also comes with long-term assurance. Although real grass is initially less costly, the irony is that it costs more in the long run. When your artificial grass is placed, it saves you precious time, along with saving you funds right away. It would start paying for itself over time! The unique backing of our commodity, which helps moisture to drain completely, is perhaps its most valuable aspect. Other low-quality turf materials have a latex or urethane backing with tiny drainage holes every couple of inches. We might reasonably conclude that not all of the water will pass through those cracks, leaving wetness behind that would eventually convert to mildew, permanent mold, or odor. Since it drains faster than natural turf, our backing reduces the possibility of these problems.

The smooth, “fake grass” appearance of synthetic turf is a widespread complaint. We do not blame you; but, you will find this in Synthetic Turf. All synthetic turfs installed by our company are made of no-luster, high-quality yarns that minimize glare and reflection. This is advantageous in 2 ways: for starters, it gives synthetic turfs a more practical appearance; you will notice that the similarity to natural grass is amazing! Secondly, these yarns reduce glare and have heat control technology; expect a 20 percent cooler temperature under direct sunlight as compared to other products. Finally, these top-of-the-line yarns are specially designed to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Both characteristics combine to make our business a worthwhile and pleasant investment for residential or industrial synthetic turf. Contact us now to learn more.

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